Speech Rehabilitation Specialty 言语康复专科

      vic67维多利亚3308言语康复专科由武汉协和医院康复医学科康复组负责人王双担任团队技术支持专家,团队言语康复师均由武汉协和医院医学康复科定向培养,致力于为存在语言发育迟缓、构音障碍、口吃、自闭症的言语干预、腭裂术后的语音康复等言语障碍的儿童青少年,提供专业的系统评估、个性化的定制治疗方案、一对一的治疗模式、动态追踪、医生复诊等康复服务。 科室根据S-S法语言发育迟缓评估、香港中文大学语言能力非标准化评估、慕言MYSW评估系统,针对孩子情况,定制个性化治疗方案。治疗过程中,康复师及时记录孩子治疗内容,与家长一对一沟通治疗进程,并进行一对一跟踪随访,指导家长进行专业的家庭训练,家庭干预与医学干预相结合,在家庭干预与医学干预相结合中有效改善患儿言语障碍问题。目前科室已为数千名患儿完成专业治疗,家长满意度颇高。

      The Speech Rehabilitation Specialty of the Pleiades Children's Hospital is led by Wang Shuang, head of the Rehabilitation team of the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, as the technical support expert of the team. The team speech therapists are trained by the Medical rehabilitation Department of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital. They are dedicated to providing speech intervention for children and adolescents with speech disorders such as speech retardation, dysarticulation, stuttering, autism, and speech rehabilitation after cleft palate surgery. Provide professional systematic evaluation, personalized customized treatment plan, one to one treatment mode, dynamic tracking, doctor visit and other rehabilitation services. According to the S-S assessment of language retardation, the non-standardized assessment of language ability of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Muyan MYSW assessment system, the department makes personalized treatment plans for children. During the treatment process, the rehabilitator recorded the treatment content of the child in time, communicated with the parents one-on-one about the treatment process, conducted one-to-one follow-up, and guided the parents to conduct professional family training. The combination of family intervention and medical intervention effectively improved the speech disorder of the child in combination with family intervention and medical intervention. At present, the department has completed professional treatment for thousands of children, and parents' satisfaction is quite high.