Hand and Foot Deformity Specialty 手足畸形专科


      Pleiades Children's Hospital specially invited Professor Tang Xin from Pediatric Orthopedics and Dr. Zhou Haiding from the Hand Surgery of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital for regular visits. They can comprehensively carry out the diagnosis and surgical treatment of all kinds of congenital hand and foot deformities, such as floating thumb, mirror hand, complex syndactyly (toe), banded syndrome, thumb dysplasia, polydactyly (toe), short finger (toe), syndactyly (toe), missing finger (toe), Polish syndrome, and cleft hand and foot deformities. According to the situation of each child, experts develop personalized diagnosis and treatment plans and surgical plans to achieve ideal treatment results.Regular follow-up after operation, guide functional exercise, observe the recovery, and adjust the exercise method according to the condition of the child to improve the function and appearance.