Scoliosis and Flatfoot Specialty 脊柱侧弯与扁平足专科


      Professor Tang Xin, from Pediatric Orthopaedics of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, was specially invited by the Scoliosis and Flatfoot Specialty of Pleiades Children's Hospital to provide group consultation with the rehabilitation team of the Sports Rehabilitation Department. He can provide children with clinical disease diagnosis and professional rehabilitation treatment for scoliosis, changes in spinal physiological curvature (hunchback), flatfoot, high arched foot, as well as X/O leg, high and low shoulder, pelvic anteroposterior and other physical problems of children and adolescents accompanied by spine and foot arch problems. If the child has related problems, the orthopedic experts can diagnose the disease, the rehabilitation experts can evaluate the body posture, and one-to-one tailored rehabilitation treatment plan for professional rehabilitation training. If the problem is serious, further professional treatment is required in the orthopedic department.