Children's Stomatology 儿童口腔科


      The Children's Stomatology of Pleiades Children's Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive and reliable oral medical services for children. It has a group of professional general stomatologists and orthodontists, introduced cone beam CBCT machines, Itero oral scanners, panoramic curved tomography, skull lateral X-ray machines, digital dental machines and other advanced inspection equipment, and equipped with dental clinics designed for children, so that children can cooperate with treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment, According to the growth and development characteristics of children and adolescents aged 0-18 years, it can provide comprehensive services such as oral prevention and health care (fluoride coating, pit and fissure sealing, oral health care guidance), dental caries treatment, periodontal and pulp disease treatment, early intervention of maxillofacial development, and oral orthodontics, and use a comfortable and painless way to treat multiple oral problems of children at one time.