Growth and Development Specialty 生长发育专科(身高/性早熟)

      vic67维多利亚3308生长发育专科是北斗星儿内科的特色专科,专家团队由亚太卫生健康协会儿科医学分会委员、中国非公医疗机构协会儿童生长发育专项建设示范中心评委组委员王晓玲主任,武汉协和医院、湖北省人民医院进修专家叶建红主任组成。同时,特邀来自同济医院的林汉华教授、候凌教授定期坐诊,强大的专家团全面呵护孩子的生长发育健康。 本专科诊治病种囊括儿童生长发育及内分泌的常见病和多发病,如生长落后、性早熟、糖尿病、甲状腺疾病、小于胎龄儿、生长激素缺乏症、特发性矮小、肥胖等相关疾病,同时提供骨龄检测、生长激素激发试验、生长激素注射等多个诊疗服务。

      The Growth and Development is a specialty of the Pleiades Pediatrics. The expert team is led by Wang Xiaoling, member of the Pediatric Medicine Branch of the Asia-Pacific Health Association and member of the Evaluation Committee of the Demonstration Center for Child Growth and Development Special Construction of the China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions. Ye Jianhong, director of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital and Hubei Provincial People's Hospital. At the same time, Professor Lin Hanhua and Professor Hou Ling from Tongji Hospital were specially invited to make regular visits, and the powerful team of experts took full care of the growth and development of the children. The department diagnoses and treats common and frequently-occurring diseases of children's growth, development and endocrinology, such as growth retardation, precocious puberty, diabetes, thyroid diseases, infants small for gestational age, growth hormone deficiency, idiopathic short stature, obesity and other related diseases. It also provides multiple diagnosis and treatment services such as bone age detection, growth hormone stimulation test and growth hormone injection.