Painless Dental Treatment for Children 无痛儿牙专科

      vic67维多利亚3308无痛儿牙专科是主要致力于为需要同时进行龋齿治疗、根管治疗、填充、根尖手术、拔牙、牙齿修复等多项口腔治疗的儿童提供全麻下无痛治疗,可一次性解决孩子多个问题,特别适用于恐惧治疗、低龄、配合难度大、治疗量大、需要多次就诊的儿童。舒适化无痛儿牙治疗在保护儿童心理健康的同时,也保障了儿童的口腔健康,还避免了反复多次就诊带来的不便,让家长更省心。 无痛儿牙专科还可与耳鼻喉科、儿外科、眼科等科室进行MDT联合手术,一次全麻下同时操作扁桃体腺样体手术、中耳炎手术、小儿包皮环切术、眼科斜视手术、上睑下垂手术、倒睫手术等,最大程度节省手术麻醉次数,减少手术对孩子的心理和生理上的伤害。

      Pleiades Children's Hospital Painless Dental Treatment for Children is mainly dedicated to providing painless treatment under general anesthesia for children who need dental caries treatment, root canal treatment, filling, apical surgery, tooth extraction, tooth repair and other oral treatments at the same time. It can solve many problems of children at one time, especially for children who are afraid of treatment, young, difficult to cooperate, need to see doctors for many times. Comfortable painless dental treatment for children not only protects children's mental health, but also ensures children's oral health. It also avoids the inconvenience caused by repeated visits, which makes parents more easy. Painless Dental Treatment for Children can also carry out MDT joint operations with otorhinolaryngology, pediatric surgery, ophthalmology and other departments. Under a general anesthesia, tonsil adenoid surgery, otitis media surgery, children's circumcision, ophthalmic strabismus surgery, ptosis surgery, trichiasis surgery and so on can be performed simultaneously, so as to minimize the number of anesthesia operations and reduce the psychological and physical damage to children.