Children's Ophthalmology 儿童眼科


      The Ophthalmology Pleiades Children's Hospital have established a special alliance withOphthalmology Department of Hubei Provincial People's Hospital , and cooperated with Carl Zeiss, the first international optical brand, to jointly build the Pleiades Youth Vision Prevention and Control Center, which features the prevention and control of myopia among young people and children, and the diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases among children and adults. The department is equipped with slit lamp microscope, computer refractometer, comprehensive refractometer, non-contact tonometer, retinoscope, Veron refractive screen, synoptophore, corneal topography, A/B ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, fundus camera and other professional ophthalmic instruments and equipment. The scope of diagnosis and treatment covers early screening of children's vision, early diagnosis and correction of ametropia, prevention and control of juvenile myopia, personality testing and matching of frame glasses/rigid contact lenses (RGP)/corneal shaping lenses, training and surgical treatment of children's strabismus and amblyopia, outpatient and surgical diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases of children and adults, such as dry eye, keratitis, conjunctivitis, trichiasis, ptosis, lacrimal duct obstruction, etc.