Myopic Prevention and Control Specialty 近视防控专科


      Pleiades Children's Hospital cooperated with Carl Zeiss, the first international optical brand, to jointly build Pleiades Children's Hospital Carl Zeiss Youth Vision Prevention and Control Center. From myopia diagnosis and treatment to science popularization, from vision monitoring to scientific guidance, the department has created an outpatient model with all-round and whole process services, providing children and adolescents with professional services for vision prevention and health care such as scientific eye guidance, optometry file establishment, vision tracking monitoring, vision correction, etc., guiding parents and children to establish a correct concept of eye care and prevention of myopia. The department introduced advanced brand myopia prevention and control lenses from South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries. It can provide personalized matching services according to the situation of myopia patients, and pay attention to follow-up follow-up and myopia prevention and control guidance services.