Children's Respiratory and Digestive Medicine Department 儿童呼吸消化内科

      斗星儿童医院儿童呼吸消化内科是亚太医学生物免疫学会儿童过敏免疫风湿病分会委员易波主任担任学科带头人,可为0-18岁儿童提供多方位的儿童呼吸系统、消化系统疾病的诊治,如呼吸道感染、支气管炎、支气管肺炎、婴儿腹泻病、小儿胃炎、急性肠胃炎、感染性腹泻、小儿腹痛、营养性贫血、小儿惊厥、泌尿系感染、新生儿肺炎、新生儿黄疸等。 同时,针对疑难病例,儿童呼吸消化内科可联合耳鼻喉科、过敏反应科等多科会诊,整合优质专家资源,为患儿提供科学系统的评估,帮助患儿找到问题根源,并制定个性化的治疗方案,标本兼治、有效减少呼吸道和消化道疾病的发生。

      The Children's Respiratory and Digestive Medicine Department of the Pleiades Children's Hospital is a member of the Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatism Branch of the Asia-Pacific Society of Biological Immunology of Medicine, with Director Yi Bo as the academic leader. It can provide multi-directional diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory and digestive diseases for children aged 0-18. Such as respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, infant diarrhea, infantile gastritis, acute gastroenteritis, infectious diarrhea, children abdominal pain, nutritional anemia, children convulsion, urinary tract infection, neonatal pneumonia, neonatal jaundice and so on. At the same time, for difficult cases, the department of children's respiratory and gastroenterology can cooperate with otolaryngology, anaphylaxis and other departments for consultation, integrate high-quality expert resources, provide scientific and systematic evaluation for children, help children find the root cause of the problem, and develop personalized treatment programs, treat both symptoms and root causes, and effectively reduce the occurrence of respiratory and digestive tract diseases.