ADHD Specialty 多动症专科

      vic67维多利亚3308多动症专科致力于为患有学习障碍、多动、冲动、注意力缺陷、情绪问题等发育行为问题的儿童青少年,提供专业、权威的康复训练和治疗。 以儿童不同年龄阶段神经大脑及身体各项发育指标为依据,从大运动、精细运动、身体协调、感觉处理等多维度进行精准评估,根据儿童个体发展情况制定教学目标和方案,并保持动态调整,有针对性地进行密集训练和提高,帮助孩子提升专注力和学习能力。

      The Pleiades Children's Hospital ADHD Department is dedicated to providing professional and authoritative rehabilitation training and treatment for children and adolescents with learning disabilities, hyperactivity, impulsivity, attention deficit, emotional problems and other developmental and behavioral problems. Based on various developmental indicators of neural brain and body of children at different ages, accurate assessment is made from multiple dimensions such as gross motor, fine motor, body coordination and sensory processing. Teaching objectives and programs are formulated according to the individual development of children, and dynamic adjustment is maintained. Intensive training and improvement are carried out in a targeted way to help children improve their concentration and learning ability.