Learning Disability Clinic 学习困难门诊

      vic67维多利亚3308学习困难门诊是北斗星的重点特色项目,致力于为患有阅读障碍、计算障碍、书写障碍、学习成绩低下、注意力不集中、学习障碍的患儿,提供医教一体化康复服务。 治疗过程中,学习困难门诊的医生会通过专业的评估判断孩子的智商,了解孩子的病史、情绪特征、注意力集中情况、家庭环境、成绩起伏等基本情况。针对因注意缺陷多动障碍、自闭症、发育迟缓等生理因素导致学习困难的孩子,学习困难门诊还会根据孩子的情况,制定个性化的治疗方案,提供专业有效的感统训练和康复治疗。

      The Pleiades Children's Hospital’s Learning Disability Clinic is a key feature of the Pleiades, committed to providing medical and educational integrated rehabilitation services for children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyslexia, low academic performance, inattention, learning disabilities. In the course of treatment, the doctors in the learning disability clinic will assess the child's IQ through professional assessment, understanding the child's medical history, emotional characteristics, concentration, family environment, grade ups and downs and other basic information. For children with learning difficulties due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, developmental delay and other physiological factors, the learning difficulties clinic will develop personalized treatment plans according to the children's conditions, and provide professional and effective sensory integration training and rehabilitation treatment.