Pediatrics Healthcare 儿童保健科

      vic67维多利亚3308儿童保健科特邀湖北省妇幼保健院儿童保健科杨勤主任为学科带头人,拥有一支临床经验丰富的学科队伍,其中副高级别以上专家3名,湖北省围产学会委员1人、武汉市预防医学会妇女儿童保健专业委员会委员1人等。 儿童保健科以“促进健康,预防为主,防治结合”作为诊疗依据,为0-3岁的宝宝提供全面的儿童预防保健和计划免疫指导,帮助家长了解儿童的生长发育及健康状况。儿保科能熟练开展儿童保健、喂养营养咨询指导、儿童早期发展促进、儿童心理行为问题及高危儿筛查、儿童生长发育异常、儿童气质、精神发育迟滞、小儿营养性疾病、佝偻病等相关疾病,同时还开设了各项特色诊疗项目,如儿童智力评估、儿童气质性格测试、行为分析、心理测量、运动发育评估及干预等,耐心细致的检查和充足的医患沟通时间,可有效解答新手家长们的育儿困惑,极大缓解家长们的焦虑。

      The Pleiades Children's Hospital invited Yang Qin, Director of the Pediatrics Healthcare Department of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, to be the academic leader. The hospital has a team with rich clinical experience, including 3 associate senior experts or above, 1 member of Hubei Perinatology Society, 1 member of Wuhan Preventive Medicine Association Women and Children's Health Professional Committee, etc. The Pediatrics Healthcare takes "health promotion, prevention first, combining prevention and treatment" as the diagnosis and treatment basis, providing comprehensive children's preventive health care and immunization guidance for 0-3 year old babies, to help parents understand the growth and development of children and health status. The Child Care Department is skilled in carrying out child health care, feeding nutrition consultation and guidance, early childhood development promotion, children's psychological and behavioral problems and screening of high-risk children, children's growth and development abnormalities, children's temperament, mental retardation, children nutrition diseases, rickets and other related diseases. At the same time, it has also set up various characteristic diagnosis and treatment projects. Such as children's intelligence assessment, children's temperament and personality test, behavioral analysis, psychometric, motor development assessment and intervention, patient and meticulous examination and sufficient doctor-patient communication time, can effectively answer the novice parents parenting confusion, greatly relieve parents' anxiety.