Autism Specialty 自闭症专科

      vic67维多利亚3308自闭症专科致力于为存在语言发育迟缓、行为刻板重复、社会交往与沟通能力低下的孤独症及孤独症谱系患儿,提供集医生问诊、专业测评、个性化方案定制、一对一治疗、阶段性效果评估、动态追踪、医生复诊于一体的全流程康复服务。 以应用行为分析方法(ABA)为基础,在儿科/神经内科/儿童保健科医生诊断基础上,进行儿童各项功能的评估分析,为儿童及其家庭定制个性化的教育康复计划(IEP)和个别化家庭服务指导(IFSP),结合教育康复期间专科医生的定期复诊及效果评估,帮助解决孤独症谱系儿童不同年龄段的能力发展问题,整体提升孩子的语言、行为管理、集体技能、社交技能等,促进儿童更好地融入学校及社会。

      The Autism Specialty of the Pleiades Children's Hospital is committed to providing rehabilitation services for children with autism and autism spectrum with language retardation, repetitive behaviors, and poor social and communication skills, including doctor's consultation, professional evaluation, personalized program customization, one-to-one treatment, phased effect evaluation, dynamic tracking and doctor's return visit. On the basis of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the diagnosis of pediatric/neurology/child health care doctors, the evaluation and analysis of children's various functions were carried out, and the personalized education and rehabilitation plan (IEP) and individualized family service guidance (IFSP) were customized for children and their families, combined with the regular visit and effect evaluation of specialists during the education and rehabilitation period. To help children with autism spectrum develop their abilities at different ages, improve their language, behavior management, group skills, social skills, etc., and promote their better integration into school and society.